Abilities are one of the key components to gameplay in REVN and offer a variety of special mechanics for players to use, including damage, crowd control, support, and mobility. At first players are able to choose from 12 starter abilities, the rest of the abilities may be purchased from the Loadouts menu using either Credits or Shards. As of update (Closed Alpha) there are currently 28 different abilities for use by the player.

Players are allowed to take a loadout of 6 different abilities into a given REVN match to use during the match. Loadouts may be chosen in the pre-game lobby before the match starts, there are 3 different default loadout "Starter Kits" for the player to choose from (Caster, Tank, and DPS). These loadouts may be edited by the player or new loadouts can be created by accessing the Loadouts menu in the main lobby of the game. Players can equip up to 3 of the 6 abilities at once during play. Abilities can be equipped in the spawn area of the map, by spending Ichor. Abilities can be upgraded to strengthen the perks they offer.

Most but not all abilities cost Energy each with varying cost, some upgrades to abilities have the consequence of increasing the amount of energy consumed when activating the ability. In addition to energy cost, abilities will have a cooldown between uses to recharge, some abilities may be upgraded so that their cooldown duration is shorter.

By default, the inputs for abiltiies are the Q, E, and F keys on a keyboard. However these can be changed by the player at any time by going into Settings > Keybinds > Ability (1/2/3).

Below is a general overview of each of the abilities for use in REVN. Click here or one of the abilities listed below for specific information of each of the abilities in Revn.


( * Indicates that this ability is a starter ability and does not need to be purchased)

Orbital Strike*

Summons a series of 5 blasts of energy from the sky at target area

Bubble Shield*

An energy shield that protects allies within it


Stun nearby enemies for 3 seconds

Chilling Blast*

Fire a blast at an enemy, slowing their movement

Riot Shield*

Deploy a recharging riot shield


Buffs armor and heals player at the cost of movement speed


An explosive grenade that deals damage on impact and splash damage

Invisibility Cloak*

Vanish from sight for a short duration

Healing Aura*

Heal yourself and nearby allies


Allows the player to fly at the cost of fuel

Incendiary Rounds*

Weapon attacks will inflict additional burning damage for a short duration


Increase movement speed for a short duration


Teleport forward a short distance

Proximity Mine

A trap that explodes when a player or

Fire Grenade

Throw a burning grenade

Damage Overload

Increase weapon damage at cost of health

Poison Dart

Fires a dart that deals damage to a player over time

Toxin Grenade

Creates a toxic cloud that deals damage regardless of shields and armor

Energy Transfer

Transfers player's energy to nearby allies

Flash Grenade

Throw a grenade that blinds enemies for a short duration


Enter Stasis - Take no damage but cannot move or attack

Sentry Turret

Quickly constructs a turret in front of the player

Shield Recharge

Instantly refills shields to maximum capacity

Stun Charge

Next attack stuns the enemy it hits


Fire a blast at an enemy, inflicting burning damage

Viper Rounds

Weapon attacks inflict poison damage to enemies

Grav Missile

Wrist mounted missile that pulls enemies towards point of impact and slows them down for a short duration


Buff weapon damage, health regeneration, and energy regeneration of nearby allies

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